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    What is ? is a community loyalty club owned and managed by the esport clan BRUTE, a company of SEMTEX Republic s.r.o., registered at the Municipal Court in Prague under the file number C 316969/MSPH .

    How do I get BRUTE coins?

    BRUTE coins can only be earned by completing Quests. They cannot be exchanged for any other currencies (neither physical nor crypto).

    I want to create an account, what should I do?

    Don't be put off by the number of points in the tutorial below, creating a crypto wallet may seem complicated, but it's not at all! Plus - just go through it once and you're all set 😊

    1) In the top right corner of the page, click on "INSTALL METAMASK".
    2) This will redirect you to, where you click "Download for - your browser"

    3) Add (and enable) the extension to your browser.

    4) After a while, the page will load in your browser, click on "Get Started".

    5) Select "Create a Wallet" and confirm "I Agree" on the next screen.

    6) Now it's time to create your secure password. Find out how to create a secure password HERE.

    7) Display and store in a safe place the security phrases (in the exact order) that you will need in case you forget your password. Otherwise you will lose your entire crypto wallet 😣 We recommend writing them down in a physical journal, for example.

    8) Repeat the security phrases in the order you had them on the previous page.

    9) Go back to and in the top right corner you will have the option "SUBSCRIBE METAMASK"

    10) The page will ask you for permission to add the network, press "Approve"

    11) Again, just confirm by pressing "Switch network" (to get your BRUTE coins working, which we keep under Polygon Mainnet Network).

    12) We're almost there! All you have to do is click "Connect" which enables the site to communicate with your new METAMASK crypto wallet.

    13) Done, it didn't even hurt too much! Where you originally had the "install metamask" button, you should see the same thing as in the following image. If so, congratulations, the whole process is complete and you can start completing quests! If not, drop us a line on discord or email [email protected]

    BRUTE Token address

    The BRUTE token is a standard ERC-20 at Polygon address 0xa86271E3d5048810a3B277968d6103738AcEeC5B. To view it in MetaMask, click the wallet button in the upper right corner and select "View BRUTE token in MetaMask" from the menu.
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